Signature Quilt and treasured cherry blossoms

The Signature Quilt is finally completed. I collected messages from all the employees in our department and put them together with bright stash and some Mark Lipinski Califon Blue fabric. The quilting on the blocks is looped hearts, the signature squares are quilted in a repeat of the square in a square pattern of the block. I outlined the borders with straight line and then a wavy line.
We were all very happy with the results. Now I can pace the rest of my work much better. This was a drive over the last month to complete along with everything else but I knew that if I FOCUSED on it I could get it done easily. And I did!  It is 60" square and can be used either as a sofa quilt or a wall hanging since I also added a hanging sleeve.

These few cherry blossoms are harbingers of happiness - we were only able to move a few plants from the last house to this new house. The sour cherry trees had been transplanted to that house by Mum over 60 years ago from the family home on Spruce Street. It was very "iffy" that the trees we moved would survive as the day they were dug out was extremely hot, and it was definitely not the right time of the year to move trees. We tried to move 2 Cherry trees, a lilac (also a 60 year transplant from Spruce Street), peonies and some Rose of Sharon.

The buds on the trees were not opening while all other flowering shrubs were in bloom. I was hopeful but not expecting much. Seeing these buds open (there were only 5) on one of the two trees makes me very happy. 
The lilac did not bud nor burst leaves but the branches are still green wood so there is hope. The second Cherry tree is not even that promising but I will watch for signs of growth all summer.

The peonies are coming up although there is not much hope of any flowering this year.


  1. Lovely gift quilt!
    Some of the trees might not take hold until next year, but I'm sure they will survive with all your positive energy willing them to perk up!
    Are you coming next Saturday to the auction?
    Do you want me to buy a seat for you?


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