Printing on Fabric (Part 1)

I owe a few fabric postcards. I am late because I was obsessed with trying a specific technique - printing photos on the fabric, then embellishing/quilting them for "so pretty" fabric postcards. I hope they will be pretty.
I worked from the Quilt Rat's recipe although I did use washing soda. My internet research suggested that soda ash and washing soda only differ in their moisture content so I compensated for that in my mixture.
I did make the solution over 3 weeks ago but household responsibilities prevented my playing with my toys for a while.
So, last night I soaked my pieces of bleached muslin and a white cotton. I dried them on a wooden rack overnight. They were pretty crusty so I used a towel to brush off the dried crystals and then ironed the pieces flat. Next, they were pressed onto freezer paper and cut into the paper size I need for my printer.

I had prepared a few photos so that they were close to 4" x 6" and 300 dpi. I printed these at the best photo print setting that I have. Of course I did have to trick the printer into taking the paper. It did not believe that I was using premium quality glossy photo paper; I found that a matte paper setting worked.
Here are the pieces:

.. in the printer

Come back in a few days when I have rinsed and embellished  these prints. I am experimenting!


  1. I sure hope it works for you. I tried washing soda in my first recipe( for the same reasons you stated) and I am afraid I lost most of my colour upon rinsing.

    Soda ash is used to prepare fabric to take and hold dyes.

    I also think that we all may get varying results depending on our printers and inks.

    The best way to get your printer to grab the fabric every time is to zig zag stitch the leading edge to a piece of card stock. Runs through without a problem. If you have a printer with a lever that allows you to adjust for thickness of paper, it is also very helpful

    Can't wait to see your fabulous postcards


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