The photo-print results on Fabric Postcards (Part 2)

Here is the result of last month's photo printing. The recipe worked well although it dried with some crystallization. I  scraped the crystallized areas before I printed but I guess some remained. The ink did not print through the crystals but this did give a nice effect to the images. My plan was to machine embroider the outlines of some of the greenery, the waterfall and the bridge then sew glass beads on where the sunlight would shimmer.

(This is the scene from BC, September 2005)

I am pretty happy with the results. What I would do differently is to make sure that there are no crystal residues on the fabric so that the whole image is sharp. There was very little fading after washing. My printer though was not so happy. 9 postcard sized images used up half of the ink in my cartridges which I think is a very expensive proposition. It took a while to convince the Epson that I did not have a paper jam when I wanted to use it again.  I probably would pay for the photo-printing on fabric at a shop after I am done playing with my solution.
(This is a photo taken at the Guelph Butterfly Conservatory in June 2009)

I also made a bookmark for a swap, using one of the fabric photo-prints.  

 refer to Part 1


  1. and ME! The lucky recipient of one of these gorgeous cards... I need to tell you how GORGEOUS it looks in a white frame. It's proudly displayed in my studio.

    : )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon


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