Singer FeatherWeight #2, great deal!!!

Earlier this summer I was at a Flea Market for  a general fun day. I have a rule of thumb, seriously consider buying any FW that is priced under $100.
At the market I noticed the wooden curve of a  Singer sewing machine case, so I ask the price. It is a knee pedal model, circa 1923. The vendor is asking $65 so I am hoping to get it for $50. The sales man tells me that there is  another old Singer for the same price, in the back...would I be interested?
Oh look, a Feather Weight, about $65... I am very interested.
The power cord is bare wire so I can not test the motor. I offer $50 just  because I can not test it. He tells me that the vendor always adds a  note if there is any issue with an item. I offer $50 and they accept the offer; I take my prize to the car. When I am setting it in the trunk I see that there is a price tag of $180 and a note that the motor works but the power cord needs replacing. (I JUST PAID $60.00! and I feel very bad about this).
I figured that my favourite sewing machine repair man (Tom Coolen of Coolen's) would charge less than $70  for a maintenance and then add a new power cord for maybe $100 or $120...?
So, off to the shop I take my prize and Tom is much pleased with the find, and very, very impressed that I managed to get it for less than $100 (I am even embarassed to admit to him that it was only $60.00)
YAY... Tom is quite pleased that I have a  beautiful Centenial Edition Singer for such "a good deal". She is a beauty.
Oh yes, the other Singer... I was so happy about my treasure but so embarassed about my good deal that I had to ask a friend to pick that one up for me. I was afraid they would realize they had made a mistake in the sale.
Now I have 2 new beauties. I really should introduce you to them in photos!


  1. Hello?? Yes!!! We need photos! I am purple, black, red, brown & green with envy (& pride) over your find. There are too many quilters around me and FW never go for that price. (it's a good thing having too many quilters... there is alot of help around and quilt shops. Just no FW bargains. lol)

  2. I wanna see!!!! BTW The Centennial editions are more valuable than just the regular featherweights.So that certainly was a fabulous bargain!
    Glad to hear you took it to Tom, he is a great choice when you need service

  3. what a day that was! and yes, I think pictures are in order - I saw the second, but not the first machine!


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