Sock Monkeys

I have made many of these over the last 20 years. I do not use a specific pattern but more a general guideline. You will need 2 socks, they do not have to match (see Carley's pink and blue sock monkey from the previous blog  entry). Basically, from sock #1 you will cut down the cuff to just before the heel to create a body with a butt and legs. I sew the legs up and turn it right side out. Then I secure the head with buttonhole twist thread, about 3" from the toe.

The second sock will provide arms,a tail,ears and a nose. The heel becomes the nose, the cuff (half the width) to the heel becomes a tail, the other half  width forms the arms, the foot bottom will provide semi circles for ears and the toe can be a hat if you decide you want one. (search the internet for "free sock monkey pattern").

There are lot's of patterns, all in the public domain, no copyrights.

Just have fun with the socks and the personalizing of the features.