Quilted Table Topper Puzzle

I managed to complete the base for the modular quilted table topper that I had started in 2007. I actually completed all the modules for this project at a London Friendship Quild workshop a few years ago. It was great fun, Kathleen Bissett has wonderful energy and is so playful. I had been wanting to make her Star Dance modular quilt table topper so I was happy to join the workshop for her square modular piece. Sometimes it is good to learn by following along with someone who already knows what they are doing.

For the best visual effect though, I found that the pieces do need to have a base so that the table colour does not show between the modules. Here are the designs my piece makes.

I have titled this puzzle table topper "Summer always, summer all ways".

This piece has been donated to our annual fund raiser at work. This year our C-Day funds will assist in supporting caregiver relief programmes at Alzheimer Society of London and Middlesex as well as other local charities.


  1. Well, shoot, I was signed in as Ari to comment on a writer's page, and I have to type my comment all over again!

    I'm intrigued by the modular idea. I've never seen it done before. Love how yours turned out!

  2. How FUN is that!!!!


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