Hibernation in Spring 2011, Coffee Tree and my brother

I have been away, busy, not playing, not much fun.

More winter.The groundhog was plainly wrong. Environment Canada says that it will be snowy through April and even into May this year. I keep waiting for the blush of green and all I see is white, and gray and brown - and I love the snow. This winter started with a  snow storm on December 5th, and  there has been  snow on the ground ever since.
Charlie, his timmy's and his netbook from Carley
I suppose I would be happier with the never ending winter if I were spending the time quilting or cuddling but it is being spent working and doing hospital runs. Who knew that melanoma could cause a stroke. Not me, and not my brother who is making life work with one arm. It is a good thing that he is left handed.
He amazed me by managing to hang his shirt on a hanger with one hand, and pretty quickly too. He is very versatile. He said he became good at doing things with one hand when the stent (sp?) was put in his right arm.
The coffee tree is still sprouting buds. The Sweetie asked me if I had pollinated the flowers, .. uhh , no. So I am not sure know what will happen next. There are no busy bees or annoying insects or happy birds visiting flower to flower in my living room.I hope the "breezes"of the central heating system are enough do that job. There is something happening though.
Will these become coffee  beans?


  1. my best wishes to your brother. Take care.


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