Saturday, 11 June 2011

It is Saturday and I can do what I want to, maybe

Sometimes life is too tightly scheduled.  Last weekend was my first weekend freely at home in a month. Most weekends, since the middle of February, have been booked with one event or another.  My life these days is very far removed from the time when Saturday and Sunday seemed to be a long free time to look for activities to fill it.  When was the last time I could answer "nothing planned" if someone asked what I was going to do this weekend? [Wow, that last sentence would be a challenge to translate as a homework assignment - 5 verbs; was, could answer, asked, was going to do; 6 if you include "planned"]

Anyway, last weekend I booked the manicure-pedicure at Tetherwood (my favourite spa for having a relaxing experience) that the Honey gave me for my birthday (January).  It was great - 3 hours of sitting, relaxing, reading, having my sore feet pampered and my fingers looking pretty. This weekend we are going to have dinner and see SuperTramp at the JLC as my birthday gift to the Honey (May).

Otherwise the day is free for me to choose to fill as I see fit.  This is where the dilemma begins:
  • There is a big list of things that I have not even started to do,  but should have had done months ago.
  • There are many things I wish that I have done - just because I wanted to do them but did not have the time to.
  • There are alot of things that I can do because they are there to be done if I choose to.
  • There are also the things that should be done now because now is the time that they should be done - but should they be really done before the other things that should have been done before I arrived at this time for these things?
  • There are things that I would like to be doing right now and not thinking about other things that may be needed to or should have been done.
  • There is also doing absolutely nothing just for the sake of doing nothing.
  • There are things that I need to do regardless of whether I want to or not.
  • There are some things that I want to do that are new ideas which are burning brightly in my mind and distracting me from all the other stuff that is listed above.
So what will I do?  (besides procrasternetting and posting this).  I am guessing that I will have a shower and get dressed first, then visit my brother, bring the Chinchilla back home (he was there because I have been away too often to look after him here),  pick up some groceries, do some housework,  read, do some household accounting, do some laundry, call a friend, daydream about some possibilities, worry about some things, pray about some other things, wish for some things to come true, fill out  some new paperwork, go to the post office, play with the dogs, check email, organize a few stacks of papers, work on some overdue paperwork, write a  thank you note, and wish that I had some more time to get back at my quilting  life - but not necessarily all in that order.

Can I get this done before 5 o'clock?


    1. After the first 3 items, I like the daydreaming.

    2. I like your smoothie combination. I am going to give it a try. Thanks.

    3. I vote for doing nothing :)
      My DH was at the Supertramp concert last Saturday and had a great time!
      Missed you at the quilt auction this year!


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