Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blackberry PlayBook cases

Here is a selection of some of the Quilted BlackBerry PlayBook cases that I made for Christmas this year. I have been sewing away over the last month but I have forgotten to take pictures of most of these projects. These were all gifts that have gone to their special people, one case that is not included here was made using my specially saved stash of "Oriental" fabrics. 

How these were made:
  • Outer fabric 19" x 10", choose fun or funky fabrics!!
  • Inner (lining) fabric 19" x 10", to complement or contrast the outer layer
  • Batting 18" x 9"
  • Hook & Loop Tape (2) 1" squares or the size that best matches the flap edge
  • Glue stick (washable) 
  1. Layer the inner and outer pieces, right sides out so that you can orient the top and folded over flap sections. Look at the print for creative finishing inspiration such as an angled flap, stepped out flap, rounded flap). 
  2. Lay your PlayBook in the center,  fold up the bottom matching the end (fold under the seam allowance) to the top of the PlayBook. Fold down the top so that the end meets  the bottom (or following the print to create an interesting flap).
  3. Glue the hook sections to the outside of the pocket (outer fabric) and the loop to the inside of the top flap (inner lining).
  4. Stitch these down securely.
  5. Now lay these 2 pieces, right sides together and stitch around the edges (1/4" seam allowance), leaving 3" unstitched so that the piece can be turned right side out. Press the stitching lines to set the seam in place.
  6. Before the piece is turned, lay the batting piece to match,  Use the gluestick to  baste the batting to hold it in place. Trim the corners of the seam allowance so that they will point out squarely. 
  7. Turn right side out, press the edges neatly, use a point-turner tool to push all corners out. Press again to the piece is well blocked to a square.
  8. Quilt the fabric as desired.
  9. Fold up the bottom edge to create the pocket (using your PlayBook as a guide), and mark the fold line and top edge.
  10. Fold the right side to the inside and stitch the pocket section very close to the edge, restitch a second line parallel to the first line of stitching, back stitching to secure the edge. Press the seam in place.
  11. Turn the pocket right side out, slide your PlayBook into the pocket to verify that the hook and loop tape is set correctly and that it fits nicely.
  12. Top stitch the flap and around the top edge of the pocket.
  13. Press the pocket (again), this will help your case look very neat and professional.
  14. Turn the pocket inside out again and fold the corner edges so that you can sew a diagonal line 1/2" from the edge; this creates a crisp. square base for the PlayBook to slide into.
  15. Turn right side out again and press a final time, taking care not to melt the hook and loop tape, setting the seams squarely and neatly.
Once I had the pattern figured out I could complete each in an hour (while watching TV). I love my chocolate box print with the chocolates inside.

Some of the other gifts that I made this Christmas included a table runner and some wine bottle carriers. It was so much fun to be able to use up some of the novelty prints that I have been collecting. They are usually so cute but often do not look that great if they are used in a quilt.


  1. I'll be making one of these for my new ipad, so thanks for the instructions!

  2. Great tutorial. And Mattie got an iPad for Christmas? I'm so jealous!

  3. must make a few of these for the family. Thanks. I added a link to my BlackBerry Post .

    I find it very helpful to post my finishing intentions on my blog, then I feel that I must get them done before the next week's needlework post. If I don't get it done, then I feel bad about it, so much easier to finish as promised.


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