Monday, 6 February 2012

Fabric Post Cards for Valentine's

Super Bowl Sunday was also a sew-fest day. I was able to make a slew of fabric postcard Valentines for some of my nearest and dearest. (Note to family and friends: don't look too closely since you may or may not be finding one of these in your mailbox someday soon)
MMMM, loving that chocolate....
I like to make larger pieces then cut them apart into separate post cards

Desert Blooms


Lovin' that F1

For a cute little boy

Surf and sand dreams

There was a bit more sewing, lots of food (Buffalo chicken,hummus,chili,Brie, chips)and fun. My dearest friend Penny came to play with me in the studio while the male species smoked cigars, hung about the man-space and did a bit of side-line coaching.

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  1. I hadn't even thought about doing machine embroidery on fabric post cards. I have to make some, now! Love the F1 and gerberas.


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