Basting, Quilting, and appreciation

I have been a "good little quilter". The Purple and Red quilt is all basted. I do it the slow way. I layer the pieces,  carefully checking that any wrinkles are smoothed out and then I hand baste. Most often I start at the center and radiate the rows of basting stitches (about 10 cm long) outwards in each direction, like a compass.

Yes,  it takes longer than pinning or spraying. I know that I have to watch the threads catching on my foot as I machine quilt. This method makes me feel close to my quilt, and my quilt is all soft and snuggly before it is even quilted down. It feels good to own the process of making a quilt. All of it, from choosing the fabrics, to cutting, stitching blocks, assembling the top, basting, quilting and binding. Not everyone feels this need, but I do.

The long basting needles are wonderful to use.  I try to use up any spools of thread that are nearly empty.

This would be on the sewing table and being quilted tonight but I wanted certain colours of thread that I did not have on hand. I ended up ordering online tonight, King Tut #949, Brandywine for the top quilting and Bottom Line #603 Red for the bobbin. I tried to purchase this at any local quilt shop but none are open on Sunday in my area (within 40 minute drive) and none are open after 5 PM (I do not leave work until 5:30 or 6ish ), Saturdays the shops close early and my day is already full. So, I am purchasing online. The mail will arrive before I have an opportunity to visit any LQS.

This past Saturday, a dear friend and I took a workshop on feather quilting. It was a lot of fun. I am encouraged that I will be able to do my Remembrance Poppy Quilt myself. I want it to have a lot of quilting, including feathers.  And yes, I want to do it myself.

Sue Clarke taught the class "Feathers Everywhere" at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre which is also the home of my guild, Oxford County Quilters Guild. I feel very lucky to be able to attend such a talented guild. The work that these quilters have done is truly amazing. I am a quiet member but I have been feasting on the eye candy that is on display or presented at "show and share".  Lucky me!!!!

There is a lot of practice and play ahead of me before I can show something that I will be proud of. This class was very encouraging.

I love my morning drive to work. There are no specatular geographic features, simply farm land and bush lots, but the sun and weather  create such amazing vistas. I often have to stop driving, (pull on to the shoulder) and take pictures. This morning was so sunny, warm and bright, yet in the lowest parts of the fields there was a fog.....


  1. I have yet to send out a quilt for the same reason, wanting to be involved in the process from start to finish. I do pin baste, though. If I try too many more time-consuming steps I might never get to the bottom of my stash!

  2. catching up on my blog reading.... My drive to work often looks like this picture. Lovely
    I just got a book called "Dream Feathers"- hoping to be able to do them myself!

  3. I have always been SO impressed with the amazing talent and fabulous works I have seen from the members of the Oxford guild......I had no idea you were a member...WONDERFUL!

    Great to see you this evening, so glad you came to say hello. Never enough time to chat with everyone. Do you still come to Trissa's? maybe I'll see you there.


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