Baby Quilts

I have been occupied with work and some college classes so I have not had much time for quilting lately. There are baby quilts on the priority list though!!! Lots of them!!
Wiggly Worms Quilt Top
This Wiggly Worm Quilt is a group effort for a dear friend's new grandson, due to arrive at the end of June. We have made this pattern before (Caterpiller Quilt) , it is from Country Woman Magazine, April/May 2009. We have made it three-dimensional though by having the mouth lift up, and there is a little red tongue underneath! This one is so much fun to do.

Both this one and the previous Wiggly Worm quilt were created from random fabrics. Three of us brought some cheerful yardage and we just mixed and matched. I love it. I think I will make another as a fundraiser donation for later this month.

I have a new baby nephew  and this is his quilt. It should be quilted next weekend (as long as I do not have a ton of homework to do, the housework will have to wait) . I used Dr. Suess "The Lorax" prints, some Kaffe Fasset and the "Turning Twenty" pattern.
Turning Twenty, "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess
I added a narrow inner flange instead of the narrow border. The blocks were cut for the  smaller size quilt (using fat eigths). The backing will be made using the rest of the Fat Quarters that were purchased to make this. I really, really love this quilt, I hope that CJH does too.

...and there will be more baby quilts this year. JUST WATCH THIS URL!


  1. That is such a whimsical quilt......wiggly worms.....smiling wiggly's quilts are so much more fun these days.
    Btw to answer you question......well a book sounds an awful lot like, draw, quilt......or work???

    Homework? You have a dog for that, don't you?


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