Sweet Summer

I have just enjoyed the most wonderful summer weekend in years. The weather here in South Western Ontario was Goldilocks perfect (not too hot, not too cold; not too sunny, not too cloudy; just right).

The weekend started on Friday afternoon. The Honey and I went to Moxie's for lunch. Mmmm, patio al fresco, Steak Sandwich on a baguette and fries for me, luscious Mango Chicken for he. A lovely walk along the Thames River, up to the Black Friars Bridge and back. Time to enjoy tress. I am entranced by the texture of bark and the elegant arching of branches woven in the canopy.

Then a movie, "Hope Springs"',  amusing for married and over 40's. I could think that it is sad but probably everyone could see something that brings on a smile, that rings true, somewhere in the film.