Random past projects

Some of the past two year's projects include these:

These and another 20-odd similar looking  friends were a fun way to use up stash and scraps. There are quite a few pattern variations on the internet. These cuties are a creative blend of a few other's little owls ideas with my own twist - not enough of any specific pattern for me to attribute the design though. Sorry.
Owie Owls (rice packs for the freezer or microwave)
 Amy Butler's Weekender Bag: It took two weekends to finish though! My poor sewing machine had to go to the sewing machine hospital for TLC. I used an upholstery fabric. The bag was smaller than I expected but it holds more than I expected too! I added extra pockets inside to help keep me organized.
A going away gift - one of our Tuesday Night Bag Ladies sewing group moved away. We sent her off with a group hug. We made these Friendship Star blocks in her favourite design colours. We do miss her and hope things are wonderful in Quebec, her new home.

For Rejeanne - June 2013


I am making good use of my embroidery machine. Towels, tea towels, bibs, bags are just a dew examples of  personalized gifts that I am happy to give.


 My January 2015 score so far: I showed up at Yoga class, posted some random projects to the blog, started a new quilt (special project - wait a few more weeks), slowly working on the hand quilting project (it is coming along), enjoyed a Jill Barber concert - a wonderful night of beautiful music.

And I baked this cake tonight:

Red Velvet Cake - Southern Style

See you soon. I am trying to be a better blogger by posting at least once a week. Happy 2015,