Red & White Quilts - next step

Cutting and counting
I had to set this project aside for a while. Life, family, friends, work, all that stuff took priority.

"living, quilting and stuff..." is the truth for me.

Living happens first, then quilting, then other stuff. Living though means family, friends, work, responsibilities. We all have that and if we are lucky we can have that and more. I am lucky. This also means though that there is a lot of time that I am not quilting.

I had a math problem that took some time and a fresh look at the numbers to solve.  I needed to make the quilt larger than the actual pattern. Should be easy...  The quilt has to be 72" x 80"and the pattern is 56" x 74".  Instead of 7 x 8 blocks... I am making it 9 x 10 blocks.  The first time that I did the math I thought I needed 2,250 individual units - is that total? or each set?  I was daunted by all the cutting and subsets. It did not make sense so I had to wait until I could be sure. That would be a lot more work than I really wanted to do. I counted up all my stitching and cutting so far... 255 #1 sets, 259 # 2 sets. I can see that there are 140 of each in the pattern in the magazine so the 2,250 number has to be  a bit crazy.

The mistake that I was making was figuring out that each blocks is 5 sets width ways and 1 row and not 5 x 5. Yay. I only need 225 of each set.  I have enough.

Sorting the mix of prints. I can see that  I am missing some of the prints in my available pieces. I need to make a few more. I plan to use only one white, a Kona white. I need a bit more so if I can pick some up tomorrow I can make another few pieces. If not then I will work with what I have since I do have enough actual pieces right now. I am trying to have each print in both pieces sets if I can.
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