Finished the Red & White, moving on

The Red & White Canada 150 Quilt is done!

I named it "This land is your land, this land is my land"
Thanks to Mark Lipinski for the pattern, "Curvy".

Next on my list is "the Micky Mouse quilt. My friend (since we were 4) has been asking for a Mickey Mouse quilt for 10 years now... I have been secretly stashing any Mickey Mouse print in a nice cotton fabric that |I can find. My friends have also been searching this out.. I have 11 different prints now plus 2 panels. I just keep telling her that I will make it when I find the right fabric.

The hard part is that it has to be "Mickey", "just Mickey"and not "that slut Minnie".  I have enough now I think to work with, to plan with. There is enough for a full size double bed quilt. I do not want to lose the actual print so I need to work with pieces at least 4" and larger.

I am thinking of something like this:

This is what I have to work with: