Saturday, 22 March 2008

Good Friday

Certainly was a good day here. We tried to sleep in late but the dogs were so worried to see we were still in bed they spent an intense 90 minutes keeping us awake after 7 am. They must have been worried that we would be late for our day's obligations. Once we were safely up they were able to tuck themselves into content little balls of fur and go to sleep.

It is still freezing and Easter is early so it does not seem right.

Here are some blocks that I made this evening for a friend.

I just love this skein of wool.

I am intrigued by the pattern attached to it for a felted knitting tote. It is a "Blue Face Leicester Aran" yarn from Fleece Artist.. I picked it up at Urban Yarns in Vancouver

I could not resist the colour and I guess it is time for another knitting project.

And here is my shawl from this yarn. It wraps around me wonderfully, it squishes up into near nothingness, it is so light and soft. I could not decide on how deep to make it so I may yet open it up to add another few inches but certainly it is wide enough. I absolutely love the feel of this kid and silk.

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  1. And how confused are they with daylight savings time? Sheesh! Springing ahead isn't bad but falling back. Ouch!


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