Sunday, 13 April 2008

Shiraz - the dog in a bag watches TV

Yes, she is too sweet and too cute!

And yes, this time I asked for a "girly-Poodle-y" cut. We have owned poodles for nearly 25 years and when they were groomed we asked for the "regular dog cut", no puffs, no fluffs and no bows. Shiraz really is too cute to be a regular dog. Shiraz has turned me into a dog simp.

She loves to be cuddled up snug, she nags me to go to bed when it is past 11 PM, would rather stay with Peter in the evening if I am going to be busy but she is so lovable. The rest of the time she is following me wherever I go. Up the stairs, down the stairs, kitchen, living room, having a shower - Shiraz always waiting there for me.

She has become Muddy's personal cheerleader. He can barely make it up or down the steps but she waits and watches, running Victory circles and a celebratory bark when he makes it.

Dogs watching TV: some really do and others don't notice it at all. Shiraz is keenly aware of any animal or animal-like being on the TV. She looks up to the screen even when a certain TV commercial comes on featuring a man dressing up as a dog and barking.

She watches any animal on the screen and then calmly ignores the rest of the show.

I recently played a video for her of herself, Chloe and Pepper running around in the snow. When Pepper disappeared off screen,she heard my voice asking "where is Pepper?", she looked under the computer since that is the direction that Pepper disappeared off screen.

[Confession time: Yes I play YouTube animal videos for my dog on the computer and she avidly watches them and responds. I know that I have lost it]

Peter was watching some Nature Series or Planet documentary and Shiraz was rapt. A tiny growl at animals she could never have possible seen before (Polar Bears) and this is in response to the visual only - no sounds, no smell.

She was watching a bird sitting on its branch; when it became aggressive and puffed up its feathers into a large ring around its body in response to another bird coming close - Shiraz softly growled at it. She recognized (or must have in some primal fashion) the aggressive stance of a bird on a TV screen.

Shiraz owns the whole island. Anyone coming within her territorial limits needs to be "allowed in". Sometimes the island of Shiraz is my lap, sometimes it is the couch and sometimes she decides it is the whole property. She watches out the kitchen bay window and assesses each possible interloper. If someone exits their car (in the parking lot across the street) and heads north away from our island she quietly watches. IF however they turn towards our house because they need to remove an item from the other side of their car - then the soft warning growl starts. NO ENCROACHING on the island of Shiraz allowed.

Shiraz would make a great border patrol!


  1. Such a pretty girl Shiraz is! She sounds a lot like my Woody. He's okay with one of my sister's dogs coming in his room, but he and the other dog have definite lines in the "sand" outside their doors.

  2. Shiraz is adorable!


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