Monday, 9 February 2009

sewing and life

This was a jam-packed weekend. Friday night I had a wonderful visit with a very dear friend. We had planned a movie, pizza and wine night but that was rescheduled. I wanted to visit anyway so a few cups of tea were perfect for catching up.

Saturday was a sewing day. Penny and Lyla were over to make another baby quilt; this time for a boy. We did make a "girl-y" quilt in November but Charlie M. likely would prefer something more "boy-y"! Both quilts were made using the Juke Box pattern from Fons & Porter.

It is so bright and happy, Charlie may never fall asleep. (sorry Charlie's mom & dad).

These quilting Saturdays are wonderfully fun. We start the day with cappuccinos then the work begins, in a well orchestrated rhythm. One of us cuts, one of us irons, we measure, match and then sew pieces into blocks, blocks into strips. It is so easy because we work together and there is always someone ready to iron.

We stop for lunch and then back to work. The top is done and we think it is great.

With apologies, I have to send these special friends off because I have invited a few couples over for dinner at 6 PM (what was I thinking?). I guess the weekend after the end of January and before Valentine's day must be the best socializing weekend of winter.

The menu:
*Welcoming Margaritas or Tequila shots
*Tortilla Soup (the same recipe as Christmas Day dinner)
*Fajitas on the raclette: strips of beef marinated in a Club House Tex-Mex seasoning blend or strips of chicken marinated in Club House La Grille Limited Edition Chipotle Mango seasoning and lime juice, thin strips of red, yellow and green peppers, mushrooms, red onions seasoned with a hint of garlic
*Mexicali Slow Cooker Rice: rice, black beans, corn, diced red peppers seasoned with lime and cilantro

The evening's entertainment includes a crokinole tournament, Pina Coladas and music. Dessert is vanilla ice cream with fresh mangos, chocolate cake (yes it was gluten free, dairy free for my sweetie) and whipped cream. Mmmmmm.

There were lots of laughs and so much food.

Sunday was for resting. Sort of. We took a drive out to the build site. The foundation is in place up to the floor level, window framing is in place, the conduit holes for a future wood stove and utilities are in place. I am sure everyone is happy that it will be warmer this week. (The weather man tonight predicted even a double digit on the plus side day this week!).


  1. Yay! the house is coming along...

    I need to find that pattern, I have a baby boy in my "circle", who is due to enter the world in June.

    Margaritas, mmmmmm~~~~


  2. Wendy La11:44 pm

    Are those new glasses? I love them!

  3. look at those walls! starting to really look like a house now.

    that limited edition chipotle mango mix sounds great, i'm going to hunt some down at the grocery store for dinner.


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