Thursday, 7 May 2009

Quilt Pocket Jamboree 2009 (part two): the loot

Click on any of these to have a closer look!

(sorry about the orientation, I lost the fight with the software)

Purchases from the LaConner Museum

Purchases from Keepsake Cottage Fabrics

Purchases from Under Cover Quilts

Purchases from the Quilted Gypsy (set up right at the hotel)

Purchases from Pieces Quilt Shop the La Conner quilt museum
...and yes we did go out into the sunshine someitmes

Lots of goodies courtesy of fellow QP'ers, and due to Yvonne's hard work, some sponsors and donors. These were collectively "goody bag loot", table favours, door prizes and general party gifts. I probably forgot a book or pattern and I definitely ate some of the chocolate.

Susie's Hometown Swap was so much fun; my new friend and I are twins!

(I tried uploading this photo 6 times and no matter what it keeps rotating to its side, just like the fabric photos above)

I have beautiful yellow magnolia blooms on the tree that Mum gave me as a special Mother's Day gift ten years ago. This is the first year it was covered in blooms that actually opened.

Last year there were over 50 buds but a late freeze killed them all off before they were able to bloom. Every other year there were no more than 3 or 4 blooms. It is a beautiful tree that we are planning to move out to the new place with us.


  1. Dear quiltfriend,
    My sister is, after an exiting period, finaly pregnant of her first baby. Now I would like to make a bright-colored quilt for her. To welcome the baby to this world with a quilt from patches from all over the world. I try to collect scraps of 12x12 cm (5x5 inch). Do you have a piece of fabric that may be suitable, perhaps you would sent it to me.
    I would really like to use it!

    Many thanks and warm greetings,
    Elizabeth Kremer
    Wedderweg 91
    9665 JM Oude Pekela

  2. i visited your magnolia yesterday, and it is so beautiful.


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