Early morning surprises, Giveaway Alert, + the studio revealed

During the early morning dog walk around the yard I noticed that the lawn was covered in wisps of fluff. When I took a closer look I could see that there were spider webs everywhere, most about 4" across. Some had little insects attached to them, like this creature which was only a 1/2" long (just look at the blade of grass behind him).

Then I looked closer and could see how tiny the drops of dew were. I am almost sorry that I had to resize the photo small enough to upload on the blog. The actual image is 3648 x 2736 pixels.

Along with the dozens of amazingly engineered and beautifully woven webs, there was this tangle of spider silk. Did a kitty get into the mix or was there a group of spiders on cheap hallucinogenic drugs?
One of my very favourite designers, Roisin, has a superb giveaway on her blog - lucky you if you win!!

Here finally, the studio is set up and has a project cut and laid on the work table.

These are the views to the west wall. The project that is cut and ready to sew isn't a quilt project but rather a dress. I should be able to finish it this weekend. I see that I still need to set up Valerie (my dressmaker's mannequin). The furniture in the studio should be familiar to past visitors.

This is the east wall and my windows face north. The room is quite bright compared to the previous studio (if you click on the link just above you can see it).

And looking out the window here is tonight`s sunset:


  1. I love your new quilt studio Linda...how beautiful!
    It must be heaven, eh?!?

  2. Your new studio is gorgeous! Here's to many, many hours of creating in there!

  3. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Linda, it's beautiful. What a great workspace! :)


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