Monday, 5 April 2010

Using orphan blocks

Although it is often fun and challenging to be part of a swap for blocks in order to make a quilt, sometimes the blocks you receive just don't quite "do it" for you.
I love green. I love quilt blocks. I love blocks that are signed by people I have met online in quilting groups. The idea of having a green quilt sounded great and so I signed on. My blocks were made and sent off, and I duly received my Squishy of a dozen (or was it sixteen) blocks.
They were mostly very nice, a few were.... not quite nice enough for being in a quilt with its friends.

I have been using them up as orphan blocks in tote bags, place mats, wall hangings and other projects. There were 4 left.

I needed  to make a curtain for my studio door, and Sweetie was tired of the length of fabric that was draped over the curtain rod. I just was not inspired or enthused about making a plain white curtain, mostly because there is not much that is fun or creative about plain white curtain making.

I realized one night however that I could use these remaining blocks as the bottom of a curtain and then make a more interesting top using another block that a friend had sent as a RAQ.

ta da!

The other big accomplishment, besides some great family time, is that Sweetie helped me to put up a design wall. 3 pieces of an "environmentally responsible" styrofoam (2' x 8') and a few yards of extra wide white flannel. The whole unit cost less than $35 for the parts and a "big thanks" to the sweetie that helped me to put it up. 

There was a lot more sewing going on this past weekend as well, but I will have to blog about that project another day.


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