How is Charlie doing at Stratford General Hospital?

The neurosurgery to remove the brain tumour has healed very well. This is one of the bright spots. Even the scar looks pretty good, a lot like the stitching on a baseball. This can be  a good thing for a Yankees fan.

The other melanoma  tumour however is not making anyone happy. It is growing daily. It is huge. It is ugly. ...and there is nothing we can do about it.

Charlie is bravely trucking along, having  radiation treatments in hope that it will slow things down. All this same  he is suffering daily nausea, has been since March 29.  That tumour is preventing him from using his right arm and is causing so much pain. Charlie though is managing this all with T3's.  He will not take anything that will make his head feel woozy or sleepy.

The doctors, the nurses, the transport staff at Stratford General Hospital have been taking such great care of Charlie. They are keeping him comfortable and are being very caring and gentle while they do things like change his IV, give the heparin shot, help him clean up after the nausea overwhelms him, tuck his pillow carefully under his immobile but very painful arm, take him to London for treatment and even help him change his clothes for bed time. We appreciate their compassion.

Charlie wanders the hospital halls daily, he is used to walking for miles each day. He just wants it all to go away, and we wish it would. Unfortunately, this really means that there is nothing about  that cancer that  really will go away. We just want to make him comfortable and let him know that he is well-loved.  We break him out when we can, just to go home and be with his own stuff, and to buy his own Timmies (small with cream) and a donut.

So if you are at SGH, and see him wandering the hall, say hi. You will recognize him easily since he has to hold that right arm at a 90 degree angle, has that huge tumour on his right side under that arm and  has very short hair on one side of his head.


  1. Anonymous7:04 am

    So hard to find the right words that bring comfort but please dearest friend find solace in the knowledge that you are doing your very best for your brother being there for him and holding his hand each and every day. You are indeed an extraordinary sister and Charlie is bless to have you by his side. Love - xo M

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm

    I am so sorry that Charlie is in pain. I know how hard it is. Please tell him I said hello and I am praying for him. I was just telling my husband about some great childhood memories of playing with Donna and Charlie on the swingset out in the backyard... It was great! Give Charlie a big hug from me! Xoxo Seema

  3. Hi Linda,
    I had been missing your posts and came to visit. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I know I would be devastated if it were my brother. Sounds like you are doing everything you can to help him. Take care and I will be sending healing vibes to him.


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