Saturday, 27 December 2008

A transitional day between the holidays

The Big Christmas day and the days of work that make it so are done. Today was the lazy day, R&R. I am so thankful that I have the next week off work (not counting the day I plan to use to take advantage of the quiet to do some projects).
It is however +13c outside right now (midnight), the 4ft banks of snow are melting and the yard is half grass. This also will switch back to freezing and snow in a few days.

This transitional time is perfect for reviewing the year past and looking forward to the year ahead. I like the concept of thinking through and choosing resolutions. I try to think carefully and realistically. Many of my friends prefer to make changes as they notice they are needed, and that makes sense but it is good to set a point of reference to take stock of where you have been and where you are headed. Maybe you want to understand why and then again maybe not.

The saying that you can't expect different results if you keep doing the same thing is so true. The last few years I have found that choosing a motto for the year has been good for me, especially if I could not resolve any one or two things in particular.

So after the accomplishments in the sewing room for the first 6 months of the year I can add my hours of sewing, quilting, designing
July - 40
August - 38.5
September - 23
October - 7.5
November - 19
December - 10.5

For a 2008 total of 343 hours (I know there are 4 days left and I do plan to do some quilting but I can still update this later).

What have I accomplished since the end of June:
20 Fabric Postcards
Queen Size Dick and Jane Turning Twenty (50!) quilt
Crib Size "bespoke uprising - play date" quilt
12 BOM "Precincts of Japan"
Crib Size "Juke Box" quilt, made with friends
Sofa Size Amy Butler "Belle" quilt
rebinding a quilt
4 toiletries bags
A sock Monkey, and quilting a donation quilt for LFQG
some hemming and mending
a folk-art felted wool wall hanging
I also have some fabric cut for a few projects that I have not yet started to sew.

It is time to consider new lists for 2009. The quilts, the reading, the projects, purging, packing, moving, building the new house, travel, personal development, sharing and keeping in touch, friends and family; it will be a busy year to come.

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