Thursday, 15 February 2007

Indulgence on vacation

While we were away I let myself be thoroughly lavished with a cocao massage.
Yes, in a grass hut on the beach.
Covered first in chocolate paste, then all wrapped into a coccoon with plastic and a solar blanket, my face covered so the only senses that could work were sound (the Pacific ocean waves gently falling on the sand) and smell (oh my body is so, so fed by chocolate!)

After about 20 or 30 minutes of this the massage therapist then sponged off all the dark chocolate (I was in camouflage and even DH did not recognize me) then she rubbed in cocao butter all over in a gentle massage hmmm it smelled so wonderful and felt so relaxing. I did not want to even go swimming or shower because it smelled so warm and chocolatey. Well eventually I did shower, so sad, but my skin is so soft and for sure I know that it fed my body.

It really only cost $15 more than I pay for my regular massage. I wonder if my therapist would do that under my medical plan. I think I really need it.

Really I do.