Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Scrappy Quilt Update

This is the layout I ended up using. It is really more like following a winding spiralling path through my scraps. If you look (click the photo to enlarge) at the excess fabric hanging out you can see what a busy backing I chose. It is a Dutch Batik that I picked up in St. Maartin a few years ago. It is just basted now (Thanks Bag Ladies). I will machine quilt it on a diagonal across each 3" subsection and carry the stitching out through the borders.

I probably will name this quilt "Can you find your way through my scraps tofind which piece is from your quilt". I made this top using only scraps from those little boxes and 2 pieces of random fabric that I had, a solid black and a print of mandarin oranges which are very reddish. This will be a quilt for those who end up sleeping on my sofa bed.

These are what I had considered:


Sort of "Barn Raising"

I've been busy - living, quilting and doing stuff...

It seems as if it has been a while since I set myself down at the PC to blog or even browse. Life has been filled with details that needed looking after.
June has always been a month that is just as busy as December in my life. I used to believe that it was due to the great number of end-of-school-year activities and 3 kids. Well, my kids have grown and there are no June kid-activites on the calendar in my kitchen. But this month has included "the End of Guild Year Banquet", hot weather, family birthdays, Father's Day, Anniversary - our 30th!, a wedding (I need help trying to retrieve corrupt photo files!), yard stuff, photo frustrations, visits to the Vet, and , oh yes, still work and housework (you know the living part of this blog).

I thought I would simply show some of what was going on....

Exotic Anniversary Flowers from my honey - Bird of Paradise (2), Orchids (4) and (new to me) Kangaroo Paw.

Muddy & Jeeg

Pepper & Chloe

Here is one of a series of three June Postcards:

Jeeg thinking about dog things:


City Living......

I found this escapee from a "professional" urban garden:

This evening's sunset, from my front door:

Friday, 8 June 2007

12 years of online Quilting

I realized (while my mind was wandering) that I have been using the internet to meet Quilters for sharing and inspiration since 1995.

Pretty well as soon as we were on-line with the internet I searched out Quilters. I met up with a group that did Round Robins together about 10 years.

I have been on many online message groups some have been huge (thousands of members) some have been small (20 members). I have been inspired and challenged by them all.

There are many familiar friends whose names I have seen in many different lists.

Thanks to you all along the way!!

Friday, 1 June 2007

Focus Fabric Challenge

The challenge was to choose a piece of fabric that contains at least 4 colours and then to draw from the print 4 colours to use (that you would not usually use together)in a project.
The trouble is that there are not 4 colours that I do not easily use together in one print. I have looked for a month now.
Enroute home from a wonderful Romantic weekend to celebrate my honey's milestone birthday we stopped at Cotton-by-Post so I could have a look. Wow, can you say wild. I found this "bubbles" print that is wild with colurs that I never would have put together in one piece. And laying on the cutting counter was the last half-metre of an even wilder print that used many of those colours together too.

Now I just have to plan a small project using the colours I pulled from the print. I chose a lime green, dark green, periwinkle and cranberry. I really want to find some of that peach toned orange though....
Deadline for completing this project is July 15.