Monday, 13 March 2017

Red and White!!! Celebrating Canada's 150th with a Quilt

The curved blocks (most of them) are laid out. I could not lay the full set at 9 blocks wide and 10 high because my design wall is only 72" wide.. and it is really hard to reach that high. I used a yard stick to place these up but there is  set of pins in the blank space up top that I cannot reach to pull (unless I use a ladder).

I am really is looking just the way I was hoping it would. It has to be D O N E by mid April.... time to sew...

These were laid out randomly. I wonder if I should move a few around?... thoughts???
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Heavy Purse Challenge - a new diet challenge - Part 2, and a Red and White Quilt update

I added a few things that I missed, like a few sets of keys, my chequebook (when you need it,.. you still need it- though I may opt for a single cheque in my wallet instead of the whole booklet), a charging cord and battery power pack for my phone (did not help me that they were at home), business card holders (okay, yes I do need three sets of business cards), a small cosmetics bag, .. it feels heavy again... Weigh in tomorrow...

Counting up, 45 of each! 

Let's Square these up!!!

Ta da!!! 90 (8 -1/2") squares, ready to match A/B, A/B... and sew together.