Thursday, 28 December 2006


2007 is just aboout 80 hours away and like many people I make resolutions for the New Year. My success rate in the past has been fairly satisfactory to me except for the years I tried to do it differently. One year I resolved to break it down into new month resolutions and look at it every month with a fresh resolution. I lost the plot before June.

And so for the year ahead my resolutions will include quilting for more personal fun. Using more of the fabrics that make me smile to inspire my work rather than not using them because they are special. Now is the time.

Finishing, of course, some UFO's to be completed. They will be. In between the fun stuff.

Personal motto for the new year.... Well in 2006 it was to "maximize the benefits and pleasures in all I do" and yes, I maximized; so for 2007 it will be...'what can I do, best, with what I have?'.

So the first project to find its way to my sewing table will be a mystery project that I am designing as a stash reducer. Choose a single theme or focus fabric for the main attraction and use up some of the lots we have stashed in bags, boxes or bins. This is one where the finished project will look very different from person to person since the blocks can be assembled in multiple options of layouts. The other project will be that fun looking Amy Butler kit I recently purchased and to round out the starting line up for the New Year will be some UFO's (finsh quilting the Vintage Garden that has been on a lay away, assembling/quilting the Bag Ladies Sampler and quilting the special Mazey Daze quilt designed by Dorothy Young.)

I will be sure to throw in lots of smaller projects just for the fun of it.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Sharing the fun

I see that it has been a couple weeks since I posted last -life and December has been crazy at my house just like yours.
I did pause occasionally to read blogs and one of my stops was at "Red Shoe Ramblings" where she posted a bit of fun.
Essentially, the fist 5 comments that ask for a piece of "art" and are reachable can have free and fun pieces of Linda Art - Fabric Postcards.

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Fresh and free

I have to share the most wonderful new kit. Except for BOM I have never purchased a whole kit for a quilt but this Amy Butler pattern ("Amy Butler's Belle Quilt") and selection of fabric was just jumping up and down "pick me, pick me". SO I emailed my favourite quilt shop and she hooked me up with this: These fabrics are super delicious, with names like coriander-sea green, chrysanthemum - blue, French wallpaper - duck egg, eyelashes - lime, acanthus - olive and Kashmir - olive; they are irresistibly gorgeous.

So after Christmas I will slide this project into my list (oh, that list is getting longer by the day)

And my DD (a super textile princess -my apologies to Mel) made this wonderful wreath from a felted sweater (was off white aran knit, hot washed with a purple angora turtle neck)and a decoration from her DMIL.

Not to be outdone in holiday crafting, the Bag Ladies sugar coated their way into town at our annual Ginger Bread Party. I bake the houses, they bring the candies and we all have a great time watching our roofs slide off and the walls cave in. In the end, it still manages to look beautiful.

So we have been busy, happy and somehow trying to deny the fact that Christmas will be here in 19 days and there is so much to do.