Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Giveaway Olympic Challenge 2010

Yes, this is nearly done. The giveaway Prize for Heather from my February 2010 Olympic Challenge to celebrate 30,000 visitors to this blog
I know the hiatus has caused a loss of momentum but we are back at all our barda.
The binding needs to be stitched down.
The sketch was made in March 2010. The pile of fabric was pulled in March also
I hit a snag as my ambitious plan was to print text on all the orange fabrics. Finally I decided to scrap that idea and just do it!
Heather loves books and quilting, hence the theme....
So Heather, after guild show n share this will be on its way to you!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cute Doggy Quilts

It has been so long since I posted that Blogger would not even let me in. I had to reset my password but here I am, blogging again.

Pepper's 3 layers

 The living and stuff has been too busy over the last 6 months so I will not even attempt to write about it. There has been some quilting however... quilts for the lovely dogs in my life. The prints have been collected over the last few years. The basic pattern is made from the blocks in "Turning Twenty". I made 16 of these blocks and arranged them into 4 quilts. 3 of the quilts are comprised of 2 layers of batting, and Pepper's is like that with an additional layer of batting between the top and bottom...because that is what he asked for.



I quilted each pieced top with a layer of  batting and then each bottom with a layer of batting.  Afterwards I assembled them (inside out) for "birthing". The outside edge of each quilt was topstitched for greater stability. Pepper's quilt was machine tacked as well so that the 3 layers would not bunch up or move around inside the quilt.