Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Mickey Mouse Quilt - still a WIP

Mickey Mouse is back in the box, for a few weeks anyway. I have the top completed except for the borders. I will add a 4" black border with a narrow red flange. Some Mickey panels and leftover Mickey prints should fill the back. 

This will be a gift for a friend who has been asking for it for 10 years... "Mickey, but not that slut Minnie"

The delay is only because other commitments are taking me away from my sewing studio for a month. (panic!!)

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Mickey Mouse quilt is happening!

Fabric is cut, blocks are stitched and on the design wall. I ended up creating a different pattern than I thought I would - two reasons:

  • The overall image was boring so I did some more playing in EQ6. I have spent over 20 hours working on the design of this Mickey Mouse Quilt

  • I needed to match my fabric cutting to the various amounts of each print that I had

I played a bit with the the order of the diagonal  squares (blue, plaid, and red). Now I am sewing the rows together... should be pretty quick ... hopefully I will get the top done this weekend. I have some great Mickey Mouse fabric and a few panels to make the back, and perhaps a couple of pillow cases... we shall see.
Once this is assembled it will be the first piece to be quilted on the HQ Simply Sixteen that I bought last summer. ( I have still been quilting on my Brother 1500S)..
Watch this space... I should have an update next week!
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