Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Focus Fabric Challenge

Is this not the greatest wild fabric that you have seen in a while? So I had to pull a few colours from it that I would not usually choose to use together and these are the pieces I found to show those colours. Textile-grad daughter suggested I tea-dye the chartreuse to muddy it up a bit and I did.

I had been wanting to play with the "Stripes and Curves" templates and figured that now was as good a time as any to experiment. I am quite happy with the piece : "Don't Burst My Bubble" .

It still needs to be quilted and it will be bound with black to frame it.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

At home quilting retreat:

Today was a great quilty day. 2 of my Wild Women friends joined me for a Saturday quilt bee. We wanted to make a quilt for another of the Wild Women's brand new grandaughter, Grace. (We just love each other's children).

We booked this as a "sew-in" day so we could all work together. The pattern, which we had made before, is a great one by Dorothy Young - "Mazey Daze".

Penny and Lyla showed up at the appointed time but I was having zero luck finding my cutting instructions so we opted for cappuccino's while I tried all available means, which included calling the pattern designer on the phone and bombarding her with e-mails. But, only 2 coffees later (Bailey's for Lyla) and we were at it.

We measured, cut, sewed, cut, matched up, pinned, sewed till the top was done. Thrown into the day of course was a great lunch of Mini-Quiche, Caesar Salad, Spring Rolls,Black Fly coolers, and mini Angel Food cakes with blueberries and whipped cream. mmmm.

Thanks to Mrs. Cara for putting the luncheon together for us (and pinning strips too).

Voila: a finished top in a day

Close up of the Beatrix Potter Prints we used:

Jack's "Peter Rabbit Mazey Daze" (2006)
- Grace and Jack are cousins

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

sewing for myself

This weekend I set myself to making a dress for me to wear. It has been at least a year since I sewed myself a dress and that last dress will be hard to wear very often.

Oscar De La Renta Mother of the Bride dresses are sort of conspicuous in daily life.

I did however manage to sew up a summery fun dress. This Butterick ( Maggy London ) pattern was easy to work up and the print just laughs out loud to me. I love the twist in the bodice and it feels great on.

I think I should make another. Since I do not keep a stash of stretch knit fabric I have to go and buy some!! The best part of it all as that this dress seems to forgive a few lumps and curves here and there.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Dogs on drugs or is it better living through chemistry?

I have written about my dogs sometimes- that they are a couple of geriatric standard poodles. Well recently Jeeg (my 13 yo girl) has become pretty weak and was having trouble going up or down the stairs, and she was the one who is a perpetual puppy. Anyway- we found a very large growth after her last grooming- about the size of a half a tennis ball which was quite hard. The Vet wants to remove it but I think she is too old to endure the full anesthetic and the trauma. We nearly lost her from shock after she was spayed 3 years ago. So he gave her Deremax for pain and she is pretty happy and quite spry now. The drug is a miracle worker.
Our even older male (almost 15) who is arthritic also started on it and he is acting like a pup also.
Everything the vet said and that I have found so far on the internet says it is almost a miracle worker anti inflammatory pain killer in the same family as VIOXX. Or CELEBREX. So they are playful and chipper now but they are total addicts looking for a fix.
They are waiting for the pill in the morning. I think it must have something else in it that is like crack or cocaine or something. Last night while we were out they took the pill jar off my dresser - not an easy task and chewed through it and ate a whole months worth between them. They are stoned now.
He (the older male) has been getting into mischief since we started these. He has been hunting around the house for anything he can eat. He has been getting into boxes in storage' working his way around the night stand and pulling off dresser scarves. They chowed down 4 boxes of treats in one afternoon by digging out and into the treat bin. So. They have never really been like this all their lives. It is new behavior since the youthful party pills.
Next they will be trying hock my sewing machine and Peter's iPOD for drug money. Or Muddy will be pimping a geriatric Jeeg at the corner fire hydrant. It is funny but really this seems like a drug crazed addiction and they are just a couple of geriatric arthritic dogs.
So any comments or advice? I will call the vet on Tuesday. I am happy that they are no longer in pain and that they feel happy and playful but there is something a bit edgy happening here.