Friday, 28 March 2008

Weekends are wonderful - I am loving them.

Yes, they start out filled with plans, projects, obligations, fun but most of the 48 hours are clock-free. I can wake up at 7 or 8 or 9. I can order poached eggs, toast, and home fries with some maple syrup on the side. Drink a couple of cups of coffee that are magically refilled by a smiling Jen.

Honey and I use SaturDAY to do our errands, SaterEve to relax, or visit out, watch a movie, or work away on our own interests. Sunday is grocery shopping with Mom, reading the newspaper and general "just-hanging around the house".

Somehow I usually manage to do laundry, house cleaning chores like bathroom and vacuum, cook and consider this all time "off".

The kids and dogs visit, friends drop by, sewing happens, hugs, tea time and a glass or two of wine.

All this activity and I still manage to make lists, add to them and occasionally I might even cross something off the list too.

Perhaps I should be more ambitious, focused or fitness oriented but... its the weekend and I will do just what I feel like.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The weeks ahead and the list

I have cut the strips for the Bag Ladies 2008 Mystery quilt; 3 values of white with black, 3 values of black with white and a summery Robin's egg blue as a contrast. It will have to wait for sewing into strip-sets as some other projects are due over the next month.

There is a wedding veil, a wedding dress (different bride), postcards and income taxes all next on the list.

There is a small dry-erasable board hanging over the sewing machine. This serves as a great rolling list. I am identifying the next 5 projects ahead. As I wipe them off it is easy to add new items.

It is also time to pull out some smaller projects that need completion.

-a new Mini-Linda (version 2008) for the QP doll swap

-DD#2 made a superb lap quilt that uses her hand-dyed fabrics, all ruched and stitched down; it is waiting for a bit of binding assistance. The binding is a heavy woven wool, dyed to match.

-working on a UFO such as the Bag Ladies quilt that is currently a stack of 12 blocks tucked away on a shelf with sashing, binding and backing fabric.

-making the fun projects using my Amy Butler fabrics as well as the "red + purple" strip quilt.

- The Scrap Pile Website

I look forward to all these projects ahead. Maybe, just maybe, Spring will arrive and bring sunshine, flowers and "no-coats-needed" weather.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Good Friday

Certainly was a good day here. We tried to sleep in late but the dogs were so worried to see we were still in bed they spent an intense 90 minutes keeping us awake after 7 am. They must have been worried that we would be late for our day's obligations. Once we were safely up they were able to tuck themselves into content little balls of fur and go to sleep.

It is still freezing and Easter is early so it does not seem right.

Here are some blocks that I made this evening for a friend.

I just love this skein of wool.

I am intrigued by the pattern attached to it for a felted knitting tote. It is a "Blue Face Leicester Aran" yarn from Fleece Artist.. I picked it up at Urban Yarns in Vancouver

I could not resist the colour and I guess it is time for another knitting project.

And here is my shawl from this yarn. It wraps around me wonderfully, it squishes up into near nothingness, it is so light and soft. I could not decide on how deep to make it so I may yet open it up to add another few inches but certainly it is wide enough. I absolutely love the feel of this kid and silk.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Go Dogs Go

It was Spa day for the Mudster last Sunday. The groomer did a superb job on him. He looks beautiful; even if he is a grumpy old dog

Pepper and Chloe went tonight .....

What a bunch of sweeties! (Shiraz had an at-home bath and brushing)

Quilts done, and more to go

Friday, 14 March 2008

Quilting on vacation

Rosin's fabulous fabrics and my featherweight also went on vacation to Vancouver with me. DD and I had sewing time.

The quilting really is waiting to be done - tomorrow, but the sewing happened on vacation.


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Knitted Tea Cozy

My while-traveling project was to knit this tea cozy for my daughter. Of course I did not actually complete it until the night that I returned home, so I had to mail it back to Vancouver.

I found the 100% wool, so so soft, at Wally World. The pattern was cross merchandised (but free) with the range of yarns displayed.

The instructions were quite easy but I was surprised to see that it would require 2 skeins of yarn. I had myself convinced that I could return one skein until it ran short halfway through the last row of the pattern. That's right, 6 inches of one row plus casting off.

Hmmm , what can I do with a random 99.9 % full skein of very soft, variegated 100% wool.

Where have you been for a month!

If I start from this evening and work back the last few weeks you will see how busy I have been. Tonight our guild featured Reta Budd as our speaker. Reta has presented her work to us a few years ago as well as taught a landscape workshop. (current UFO; although the techniques I learned have been well used). Her art channels the delicate beauty and enduring strength found in the natural surroundings of rural living. Please spend some time to enjoy her art by clicking on the link from her name.

From March 1 to March 9 my life was dedicated mother-daughter time. As a special birthday gift this year my honey bought me a return ticket to Vancouver. It has been far too long and there have been rare times over the last 27 years that only included the 2 of us.

"Just the 2 of us..."

It was a wonderful week of walking, sewing, shopping, walking, snow-shoeing, great eating, walking, laughing, movie watching, chocolate and I could share that we walked a lot.

It was a nearly perfect time to visit, seeing crocuses, mini-daffodils, rhodendrens, cherry blossoms, snow drops, green parks and lawns -- while my home area was bombarded by snow and cold.

I will continue the posts to share my knitting, sewing and other activities over the next few days . I also am working away on the scrappy website, I have just been having too much fun.