Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Canadian Challenge Quilt (still working on the giveaway)

An internet quilt  Yahoo group that I belong to is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. This past summer there was a swap of provincial and territory blocks. The challenge is to create an Attic windows quilt using these blocks, adding a maple leaf and one other block.

Sasketchewan - Prairie Lily

Quebec - Joie de vivre (my block)

Prince Edward Island



North West Territories



Newfoundland and  Labrador

Nova Scotia

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Cute dogs who would not get off the quilt so I can take a good picture.

Since this quilt is 87 " long by 54" wide I am going to add  a border to each side, perhaps 6" or 8" each, we'll see what looks right once I find something.

I am still watching for that special day when I can pick a name for a giveaway of a quilted wall hanging. I figure this will be sometime over the next few weeks. The more visitors, the merrier!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A foggy morning,the world is frozen and a giveaway!

Cute little dog enjoying her morning romp.

It was foggy again this morning.

I love the way the fog freezes on the trees.

I see that this blog is getting close to the 30,000 visitors mark. It must be time for a giveaway! I  will send a small quilted wall hanging to a randomly drawn person that has left a comment on the day closest to passing the 30,000th visitor.

Stitching and drifting

I love snow, these drifts make such a beautiful texture; this is a view from the studio door.

I have been trying to make fireworks. I love snow and fireworks on New Year's  Eve.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Resolutions and lists

The list vacation is over. The Christmas list broke the fast. I have been carefully considering the build of my new list.
I have been carefully considering the life-enhancing, paradigm shifting, full of promise list that is known as  "New Year's Resolutions". I know that I want to accomplish more. Not to be more busy but to have more completed results from all that activity. I am exploring the phenomenon of multi-tasking.
Many of the articles I have read lately, as well as discussions where I have lingered along the edge have worked hard to convince me that multi-tasking will make me less efficient. That by eliminating the multi-tasking and single tasking I will accomplish more in less time. hmmm.
Should I consider the time that I spend waiting (for a call to be completed, waiting  in line for service, waiting for a train, waiting for my mother to complete her shopping, for a show to start, for the kettle to boil, the commercials to be over...) free time to browse the email that my friends send? One of the beauties of my BB is that I don:t have tobe  frustrated while waiting - I can just pick up a line of conversation with a friend. [FYI my BB is not work-issue and no work related emails will be found there]. Is this considered to be evil multi-tasking or a good use of captive time?  I'll choose the BB browsing and thumbing to be a good way to spend that time that is otherwise being spent out of my control.
So where else would I be multi-tasking? knitting while riding in a car, having a cup of tea with a friend, or watching TV. I think that sounds life enhancing and not stress inducing.
Other multi tasking? Cleaning the bathroom while I am waiting for my hair to dry; letting the washer and dryer run while I am at work, asleep, spending time with my honey or relaxing in a bubble bath.  Anyway, I am not decided about the multi-tasking thing but I do know that  there are times when only dedicated attention will lead to success. Like, snuggling with the Sweetie, cutting pieces for a quilt, listening to a friend's problem, being at work. I guess that there is a time and place for mutli-tasking and for dedicating attention to a task.

Back to the resolutions, managing my weight in the 150's orjust below if I can get there. This includes thinking about good health habits such as trying to go to bed before 1 AM, enjoying the best chocolate, increasing my level of physical activity and being honest about portion sizes (except for chocolate of course).

Keep the home fires burning. It is always good to have a warm, welcoming, happy home. Enjoying the time at home, sitting and chatting with my honey, preparing good food.

Give my best to my efforts - at work, at home, with those I love, doing what is needed and following through to "done"

Release the art from my heart. For the last few years I have chosen to work through many traditional techniques and even following specific patterns so that I could better master techniques and skills. I am ready to explore the creative freedom in textile play again.

Finish 6 quilts (gotta deal with those UFO's and the stash)

Over the last 5 or 6 years or so I have chosen a motto to guide me through the year. This year it is "FOCUS", I want to narrow the target so that I can dedicate my energy, my activity and my thought process to achieve a greater success.

P.S. Roisin gave heads up to this great give away at Jenna's blog, see January 8 post. Greys can be so beautiful!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Christmas Break - stockings and stuff

In November dear DD#2  and I shared a sewing weekend to make a new set of Christmas stockings for the   family's first Christmas celebration in our new home. DD#2  did not want to spoil the surprise so she asked me to not post this  until afterwards - ok, she told me that I could prepare a blog post to automatically upload on Christmas Day butI did not get that done.

If you look closely you can see some beading along the seams.

This one has girly ruffles.

This great plaid stocking has "Jingle  Bells".

I was happy to use these snow flake buttons scattered across these holiday prints.

The crinkled taffeta seemed like a perfect Christmas Tree, all decorated with shiny beads.

DD#2 is a great applique-r, the bunnies were inspired by a lovely winter story book she purchased at a Waldorf school sale.

This uses some very pretty blue velvet as well as some fuchsia dupioni silk.

DD#2 is quite more of a quilter than she realizes, not only does she applique and piece; she like yo-yo's too! (shhh, don't tell her yet!)

We love the new Christmas stockings so much that we could not assign them. We are going to change who gets to open them each year and it will be an annual surprise, and a new tradition. The velvet cuffs were made using fabric from DD#2's wedding theme.


There was other sewing going on in the studio over the holidays also. I made these purse pack tissue holders for the Bag Ladies Christmas gifts. I will not attribute the pattern to any particular designer because I looked at over a dozen patterns on-line, then decided to simply create my own version of the holder. I also took the time to inter-fold the tissues so they each popped out one after the other.

These were wrapped in a nice mug with a dangly charm, a tea bag, and a mug mat; all somewhat colour coordinated.