Sunday, 15 April 2012

Purple and Red quilt is done, I am happy and sad.

Shiraz, resident quilt inspector, is on the job (finished at 102" x 92").
The quilt was handed over to my daughter on Easter Sunday. This was inspired by a quick look at a photo in a magazine (2005). The finished piece worked out to be even better than I had hoped given that I simply made random cuts into strips of purple and red fabrics. These were collected over a period of five years. I have referred to this project often in this blog and now happily it is completed, sadly it is now done and gone like a child who has grown into and adult and moved on to live an independent life.

Extra light is very helpful.
Working on machine quilting.
Sewing on the binding.

I am missing the pile of purple and red fabrics that have been on my work table for the last 2 years. I am missing the anticipation of putting the last stitches in the binding. I am missing the conversations that M and I have had about my progress on her quilt. This quilt was so much a part of my quilting world over the last 6 years, so seeing it grow up and move away is bittersweet.

My favorite part of making a quilt, stitching down the binding.
 I did use EQ6 to design the quilt, just so I had an idea of what I might need to do to acheive this random, assymetrical striped appearance. The design image before I started is quite similar to the finished result. I used FQ's to create one strip (the centre), then the outer 2 strips were created using cuts across the WOF. I did 2 sets of these, cut them vertically to match the width of the centre strip. The outer strips were reversed and then all five strips were joined together. The backing fabric is a red, wide quilt back to help minimize the seams. There are some special fabrics included, some from Roisin in remembrance of Halifax (bespoke uprising) and some hand dyes.
Concept in EQ6
Finshed quilt

There is only one solution for this sadness, I need to make another special quilt for my other daughter, C. Over the last five years, we have been collecting vintage embroidery pieces for the quilt that caught her eye.