Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WIP's are coming along

2012 is promising to be a good sewing year! I have completed more projects in the last 4 weeks than I was able to for half the last year. I have added a Kindle case and a table runner to the PlayBook covers that were made as Christmas gifts.

The big deal for me is that I was able to complete 2 tops that have been on my "to do" list for a few years.
The "Rememberance Poppy Quilt" (Pam Bono designs) and Melissa's "Purple &Red Quilt".
Penny, Lyla and I have been working through the hundreds of baggies of little pieces of fabric together. So, to be fair, some of the reason it has taken so long is because we committed to work  on this quilt only when we could work on it together. It is exciting now that the tops are done.

 I will wait to quilt it however until the "Purple & Red Quilt" is completely done.

 I have been collecting these fabrics for quite a few years (since 2006 ?) because Melissa showed a magazine photo that had a quilt in the background that she liked. I saw the image for only a few minutes and this is the inspired result. I will quilt it vertically, perhaps in slightly curvy lines, alternating purple and red quilting thread. Watch this space... maybe in a month or so I will have it finished!!