Thursday, 29 May 2008

Watch this space - soon, really

I am posting a tutorial for a "Work Place Lunch Mat" designed by myself --- should be up by friday evening.

I will post this soon, the photos are taken and I am just proof reading the instructions.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Back to quilting again, sort of...

Another reason that this Mother's Day weekend was so great is that 2 of 3 kids were home. The one that was not at home sent chocolates...Bernard Callebaut. mmmmmmm. Before Bernard I did not like filled chocolates. I only wanted good, dark chocolate, with nuts sometimes, maybe. (click here for a link to Bernard Callebaut)

Bernard Callebaut chocolates are heavenly. The fillings are not sugar paste but real cream, lightly whipped up, with real ingredients added. Since they do not have any preservatives you do have to eat them up within 7 days. The very next best part is that my BC girl and her sweetie have discovered that Bernard will deliver! YES! I may have to invent a few special occasions.

Dear Son of ours also was home for the weekend and took on every techno-task thrown his way -Can you programme the PS3 remote please? Can you fix the wireless connection on Dave's laptop? Can you download the shows of Battlestar Galactica that I missed? Can you, can you?? He smiles and patiently does it all. Thanks.

Daughter-artistic-child, Dear Dave and the grand-dogs also were home. And it was it not slightly ironic that she took me to the sports store to buy me safety equipment so I can play with my new toy. Yes she and Son-in-Law have provided me with a bicycling helmet.

I have had quite a busy & productive sewing year so far but not as much quilting as I have been completing miscellaneous projects. I did a bit of first-aid to a group quilt that somehow found itself bound with a border that just kept on stretching itself way past its limits. (photo to come)

So after a title like "Back to quilting..." you might want to see some actual quilting.
I did not make this but I did act as adjunct technical advisor. Daughter-artistic-child who is not a quilter (she thinks still) made this beauty for a friend's new baby. She did a super job.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mother's Day and a new bike - I'm a lucky Mama

Wow, this is an amazing gift.

My honey has bought me a great bike. It has been a while since I have ridden my bike. I took a look at it last fall and it looks every day of its 22+ years. Honey kept this in his mind.

So FF to Mother's Day 2008, he asks Cara for some help and she had already been thrilled by this particular project. You buy a AfricaBike and for each 2 that are sold one is donated to a home health careworker in Africa who uses it to travel around the region and provide care to HIV and AIDs patients in a variety of African countries. The bike you buy here is the same as the one that they receive. It is simple, extremely well-made and so right!
For more info on the programme : AfricaBike
Dave showed me the back carrier for my quilting fabric. The front basket is perfect for lunch, my purse or cute little dogs that just want to come along for the ride.
...and is this not the cutest bell you have ever seen, all purple and paisley!
Perhaps I can do some good for this old body, my gasoline budget and save the world a little bit at the same time.

[Thanks so much Sweetie]

The two of them

Muddy (1993 - 2008) & Jeeg (1994 - 2008)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mini Linda

Mini Linda is packed and on her way. The second annual Mini QP doll swap had 24 QP'ers creating mini versions of themselves and heading out to live with a new friend.

Mini Linda and her Mini friends have been checking out local fabric shopping, going to a LFQG workshop and generally just having a great time.

Friday, 2 May 2008

A very special woman - Jennie

4.1.1950 - 7.4.2008

video : A hand quilting lesson given by Jennie at the 2007 Quilt Pocket Jamboree

I want to share my memories of a wonderful quilting friend. Jennie and I made our connection through internet quilting groups. There are thousands of us who have met her. And thousands of Jennie stories.

To know a part of Jennie is to know gleeful sunshine, good cheer, and boundless warmth. To experience Jennie is to feel cared about, connected and ready to enjoy life as it unrolls the path ahead.

One night a few years ago I was listening (with the slightest bit of aggro) to the roar of the F1 racers as they accelerated engines around the curves of the route. The noise was in the other room. As per our usual "ships passing in the night" Jennie made her daytime appearance online and I am ready to go to bed. She comments on the loudness of the roaring engines and I found it so amusing that she wrote what I was thinking. I recalled however that my noise was in the next room and she was across the world from me.

Jennie was listening to the Australian Gran Prix. Dear son JKG was watching the very same race just metres away. Jen told me she was there, living close by. I could go and look at the same sky she saw and the same city scape.

JKG loves his F1 and Dub had a neighbour friend who also loved F1. In fact he worked for team Honda. Jen began a collection of local news clippings, posters, memorabila and real F1 pit crew vests and sent these across the pond to dear Keith. Flabbergasted at her generosity to an internet pal's son we began to share many laughs and thoughts about our boys - both dearly lovable and caring men and our daughters - new women moving forth in the wide world outside our arm's reach.

Jennie continued sending the F1 souvenirs even after she no longer had access to the neighbour's swag. Just a few weeks ago another package arrived for him. Even with the fight that Jennie was having for her own wellness she remembered others.

I could ask Jennie any question and none of them seemed awkward. She was right back with a straight-forward answer. I wanted advice on making a "chemo-hat" for a friend and I did not stop to think it inappropriate to ask Jennie. She knew too well. Jennie's strongly worded advice was that "we do not call them chemo caps - they are hats". Make it soft and make it a real hat, just a bit deeper and a bit smaller.

There are many stories about Jennie's love for hand quilting - she was a superstar at it, her generosity with her talents, her speed and the beauty of her work, her love of colour, her laugh when you asked her about the 60's and 70's and her endless acts of kindness to others.

I am enriched by Jennie. She will always exist in every happy colour I see. Jennie endlessly loved her family: Peter, Jess and Dub. Jennie loved life.

...and I, like her many other friends, love Jennie.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

some photos of recent works....

Mini-Linda all dressed and ready to pack her bags and fly...

This is one of a set of five postcards....

The apron is in the mail.....