Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Heavy Purse Challenge - a new diet challenge

My purse is too heavy.

I keep what I need in it... wallet, change purse, keys for work, phone, lip balm, hand cream, spare eyeliner, mini mirror, emergency tweezers, spare bandaids, pain killers in case of a headache, sanitizing gel for unsanitary places, tissues, nail file, notebook, cheque book, business card case, phone charging cable, back up phone battery, six pens, a hair clip, a mini flashlight, shopping cards, keys for my aunt's house, keys for my daughter's house, my purse keep (a file folder with receipts, stamps, coupons, an old lottery ticket), just important things that I need to have whenever I need need them.

Every day... 6.5 pounds.

So now this purse is on a D I E T !!!!

I have taken out everything except my  wallet, change purse, my house keys, phone. purse keep. THAT IS IT,

I am going to see what I miss, what I need, then add only what I really miss.  Will this diet work?

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Still Sewing Red and White Subsets for Canada's 150th Birthday

All the curved pieces are cut, with fabric to spare. I need to step up the sewing pace... NETFLIX makes for a slow sewing partner.

The mix of many Red prints and the Kona K001 White makes me happy. I think it will look great together. If I get all these 900 pieces together.

I tried to see how many pins I needed to use to set these curved pieces together - five pins. Three pins arse not quite enough though it goes fast if I can sew through with 1 pin anchoring the work and my fingers pinching the edges but this does make it far more likely that i sew through my finger.

Assembling these curved pieces was much easier than I expected. This was the one aspect of this quilt that caused me hesitation. I was afraid it would be hard to do and that the pieces would not lay flat. They work well. I stretched the inside curves to match the outside curve and amazingly.. they are beautifully flat after they are pressed!