Monday, 31 May 2010

Tumbling blocks style quilt "Honeycomb Waffle"

This was a great quilt!
It was made by the Hawkesville WMCEC and was sold for $1775.  The women did a great job.

Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Auction May 29

On Saturday, my long time quilter friend, Kathy (Kathy's Quilts blog post on the auction) had a nice spot waiting for me in New Hamburg so that we could enjoy the annual quilt auction.

It is so interesting to see the many donated quilts (216 this year) and the funds generated in the auction. It seems that this year the buyers were willing to pay nice money for bright and cute, even if it was a small quilt.

Cheerful crib quilts sold for $300 to $800. It also seemed that the full size whole cloth quilts (hand quilted of course!) sold mostly for $600 each.

The highest price was $6,400 for a quilt that must have a special story because the 2 bidders were sitting together and quickly set this particular piece up for the big price tag of the day. It was a block sampler quilt. I guess the total raised this year was $115,000.

Two quilts in particular impressed me, a unique blue and white reverse appliqué quilt that sold for $1600 and a very colorful tumbling blocks style quilt that really played up the colours to wonderful 3-D effect I will send this link separately

Some weeks life can be so very busy that there are not many minutes available for procrasternetting.

I have no new sewing to report, the " to do" list is a bit longer and the " done" list not very much changed.
I hope that work, home and fun life are in a better balance this week so that I can finish some of these projects laying on my work tables.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Signature Quilt and treasured cherry blossoms

The Signature Quilt is finally completed. I collected messages from all the employees in our department and put them together with bright stash and some Mark Lipinski Califon Blue fabric. The quilting on the blocks is looped hearts, the signature squares are quilted in a repeat of the square in a square pattern of the block. I outlined the borders with straight line and then a wavy line.
We were all very happy with the results. Now I can pace the rest of my work much better. This was a drive over the last month to complete along with everything else but I knew that if I FOCUSED on it I could get it done easily. And I did!  It is 60" square and can be used either as a sofa quilt or a wall hanging since I also added a hanging sleeve.

These few cherry blossoms are harbingers of happiness - we were only able to move a few plants from the last house to this new house. The sour cherry trees had been transplanted to that house by Mum over 60 years ago from the family home on Spruce Street. It was very "iffy" that the trees we moved would survive as the day they were dug out was extremely hot, and it was definitely not the right time of the year to move trees. We tried to move 2 Cherry trees, a lilac (also a 60 year transplant from Spruce Street), peonies and some Rose of Sharon.

The buds on the trees were not opening while all other flowering shrubs were in bloom. I was hopeful but not expecting much. Seeing these buds open (there were only 5) on one of the two trees makes me very happy. 
The lilac did not bud nor burst leaves but the branches are still green wood so there is hope. The second Cherry tree is not even that promising but I will watch for signs of growth all summer.

The peonies are coming up although there is not much hope of any flowering this year.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Signature Quilt

I have been working on this project for the last few weeks. It is a gift (so there will not be any close-ups till next week). I have free motioned little hearts across all the colorful areas of the blocks. I am now quilting "a square in a square" in all the signature blocks. After this I am outlining the inner border in straight line. This all is the work of the Brother 1500s. I will switch to my Husqvarna Lily to quilt some wavy lines in the outside border. I have to put the binding on by tonight. The main fabric is Mark Lipinski's Califon Blue, the rest is a myriad of colours pulled simply because they are cheerful. 

Saturday, 8 May 2010

More Mother's Day Flowers

Honey surprised me with these today. They are in the middle of the studio so I can enjoy them while I sew.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Mother's Day flowers

First call of the morning at work was a local florist confirming that they could deliver me flowers.
What a great way to start a Friday morning.

I was much surprised that DD#1 managed (during her few hours in town while flying between cities/countries) to arrange the delivery and write me a personal note for Mother's Day. These were prepared by Daisy Flowers in London Ontario. I truly appreciate the forethought. That is the greatest gift.

My beautiful Mother's Day flowers in 2009
Amazing Mother's Day Africa Bike in 2008
Mother's Day Flowers and wall plaster casts in 2007

It has been pretty wonderful to feel the love that my grown up kiddles give to me.

Thank you  M, C and K for giving me this everlasting gift of motherhood.  Honey helped quite a lot with this too.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rainbow Wall Hanging

It has been a while since I have played with snips of fabric and Solvy.
It is a fun technique. Laying out the little snippets in whatever shape your heart desires, add threads or other little bits.
Then layer the Solvy on top. I also place stabilizer underneath.
Then you play, over stitch with whatever threads you like and when it looks pretty well stable,  lay it in a pan of water (or the sink), the Solvy will dissolve and voila! A piece ready to embellish and finish however you like.

To finish this one,  I added  glass seed beads in colours to match the rainbow, then gold sequins and a variety of gold seed beads to my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I made the 10" x 10" quilted wall hanging for a Fund-raiser (Music and Art for Kids Education ). I hope someone likes it. 
The funds raised at the silent auction will be used for kids art class subsidies at the Guelph School of Art and Guelph Youth Music Centre.

Hope, Dream, Smile
P.S. I switched the photo at the top for one taken without a flash. In real life the piece is not quite so shimmery. The flash is reflecting on the nylon filament that I have used for the quilting. The shiny picture is below: