Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Business Card Wallets

I think these make a great gift to tuck inside a card, or to add to a gift.
Notice that one matches the previous post with the "cute gift". This is to complete the set.

Thanks to Roisin @ bespoke uprising for her scraps.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The R word, the new year

It is coming close to resolution time. Most years I have a personal goal to resolve and a motto to look to over the year. There are 16 days left and I have no clue as to what specific goal I want to address for 2010.
I do like making the resolution, or a few if that is what I come up with. I think they should be attainable and identifiable. This helps to mark the beginning of the new calendar year, the recognition that a year has passed and is done and the hope that I can improve myself by taking little steps.

Much like January 1, I also think that birthdays are good target dates for resolutions. Each birthday is the marker to a new year. So in January I get to make at least 2 resolutions. There is a pretty good chance I will keep at least one for the year... and then comes Lent (another opportunity for critical self-evaluation and commitment  to do better).

Along with the resolution, comes list making. Long-time readers will know about me and lists. I am pretty excited that I made it for 6 months without an official list. I missed it though, lots.

I missed the security blanket that having a list provides for me. I also miss the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. Most of all, I miss the accomplishments that I actually managed to achieve while I was keeping the list. This list vacation was a good thing though. I have realized that I do like my lists very, very much.

I heard a speaker at a conference recently that told us to make our lists, then knock the bottom 20% off the list because these things will never get done anyway. This is supposed to "free you". hmm.

I have also  heard people talk about making lists of things "not to do". That is also an interesting concept.

Monday, 14 December 2009

A cute gift: tea mug, bag holder and mug mat

I wanted a special farewell and good luck gift for a co-worker. I thought that it should be cheery, useful and uniquely from me.
I found this lovely travel mug, unique because it has a stainless steel interior and a china outside.

It is pretty and made me smile.
So I figured that if I gave her a mug mat along with a box filled with an assortment of tea bags that she would enjoy it for a while.
The tea shop carried individual bags so the assortment was easy. I wanted a little box-- then I remembered the lovely thread catchers that my dear friends Sharen and Maureen made.
Sharen shared this link to the original blog tutorial: The Stitching Room

And here is the final set, pretty cute, eh?

p.s. The mug was purchased at "Everything Tea" in London, Ontario. It is on Talbot Street but there is no website. It is a lovely shop filled with beautiful tea pots, cups and a wide selection of teas. They have so many wonderful tea cups, strainers and spoons.

My favourite place to shop for actual Tea is The Tea Haus. It is a tiny shop at the Covent Garden Market, filled to the ceiling with lovely glass tea canisters. There are so many varieties, the selection is endless. I especially love the flowering balls - like the jasmine balls, or dragon pearls or the chrysanthemum or the Three-Flower... Absolutely beautiful in a glass pot. One ball usually will serve 2 or 3 pots worth of tea.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

quilting and postcards....

This has been a very cold day. We headed in to town early this morning so that I could pick up a swap box from the post office. I host a Winter Solstice gift swap on one of my Yahoo groups. We used to have a Christmas swap, then there were rumblings about Hanukah and Kwanza and whatever else is celebrated in December.
I figure that pretty well every culture over the last 3,000 years has found a reason to celebrate in December. It is a time to be hopeful, as promise comes to the world again. The days begin to lengthen. It is cold and dark. One can't help but think of the wishes dearest to our heart, and this is the "wishing" part of the holidays.
So, religion and spirituality aside; every one on earth experiences the December Solstice. That is why I have chosen that date for the fun gift swap among friends.
I digress. I was quite lucky and very happy to be able to spend the day in the studio. Have a look at my sunset view....

I managed to machine quilt a small quilt, put the binding on it and make 3 postcards for a swap. The theme is "Frosty" and I made him melt. Sorry.

Friday, 11 December 2009

I'll be back soon

My final paper is done - now there is just work and holiday chores between me and sewing time!
p.s.this is today's snowy view from the studio