Wednesday, 29 August 2007

catch up again - they are not missing

More fun with fabric - dying and tying!

I do not mean tie dye but both ideas individually. First the dying:

Some friends and I attended a dying workshop last Saturday at the home of another quilter friend.

(These photos are mostly courtesy of Penny)

We mixed quite the variety of dye baths but shared 6 in common.

Wow what a different result in colourways yet we used the same brand of muslin, varying only slightly in description. I had the only bleached muslin. Funnily enough, both my bleached and Jill's Nature's Way unbleached took the dye similarly - brighter; Penny and Elaine's were both unbleached and they ended up in pastel variations after rinsing .

My set of hand-dyeds (which were 2nd from the right):

I also played with a gradient orange...what should I do with these babies now?
oh yes.. the tying: fascinating blog entry on using fabric to wrap gifts. There are great links to diagrams.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A few summertime smiles


Amazing and satisfying - I have some finished projects.
The endless "Vintage Garden" is complete. All the quilting, binding, labelling etc is done. I even think that the feathers in the border do show up a bit so they were not a complete waste of my effort.

I finished a wall hanging - "Don't Burst My Bubble". This was the challenge project based on pulling colours from a print. I used a Kafe Fasset and ran with it.
I entered both pieces in the local fair as well as an older piece which fit one of the new categories: Memory quilt, this one contains 4 vignettes about my life, choosing priorities and taking actions as well as representing what is important to me and then being able to put it all in balance.

Should I dissect the piece? Scissors: Cutting up the credit card (taking control); Coins: looking after the details (money, shopping) and keeping them in order, Log Cabin: what is truly important to me is home and hearth, at the center there are charms (a key, a whisk and the kitchen sink) and the last Patriotic American and Canadian fabrics (my harlequin nationality) shows they are an important part of myself. There are also tokens from places that are important to me, New York City, Vancouver, New Jersey, and home, London, Ontario .

And if you look closely at the corners there are a small heart locket and a bag of money...cause I figure that if I keep all things in balance I should have success with love and security.

Friday, 17 August 2007

They are safe and taking care

My 2 Peru travellers were 600 km north of the earthquake epicenter. They are moving inland and up; hopefully they will travel safely in Ecuador and then return to Lima for home on August 30. Our prayers are with all the Peruvians during this time of tragedy.

It is heart wrenching to consider their losses and fear. Homes, health, life and love.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Trekking in Peru

My thoughts are with 2 of my now adult kiddles. M and K are trekking through Peru, great adventures, beautiful vistas and courage.
K's blog on the journey (Click for K's travelogue)

Journey well, take your time, enjoy the ride and please hurry safely home.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

715 to 756 : Major League Home Runs

I was raised to be a Yankees fan - growing up in NYC and my Dad loved the game. I loved my Dad. As life happens I moved to Ontario and my Dad stayed in NYC. Yankees talk was always a great subject of conversation between the teen age me in one country and the Dad in another.

We counted down the home runs closing in on the Babe's record. April 8 , 1974 I watched the game. I made the call and all Dad could hear was " 715, 715, 715!!!!" This was when long distance calls were only for important messages.

Dad teased me about that call for the rest of his life. That was our bond. Thank you Hank Aaron.

I don't know what to think about Barry Bonds-it will always be 715 that is the important home run for me.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sweet dreams dear loved ones

During the QP Jamboree in April I was shown a magical trick in pillowcase making (Thanks Janell!). So, not only by making a french seam but also using an inside-out trick, there will be no raw edges to your pillowcases. Very sweet and tidy.

I am so hooked. All my vacation time house guests and dear loved ones will end up with their very own.

I made my list in early June and began the hunt for special fabrics to make "sweet dreams" for my sisters, nieces, nephews and brothers-in laws..and for my own sweet grown up kiddles as well. Alas, hunt after hunt and nothing really spoke to me so I was going to put off the plan till Christmas.

After Melissa arrived for her lovely home visit we struck out together again to HappyLand and of course, with all my guests ready to arrive in less than 48 hours I find perfect fabrics. What would any sane quilter do? BUY THE FABRIC - WASH THE FABRIC - CUT THE FABRIC AND SEW THE FABRIC RIGHT UP TILL THE LAST MINUTE (well almost- they really were all done 15 hours before arrival). All completed that is; except Melissa's since she really was not as enthused by the whole idea as I was.

We had to do a second run to get more "guy-y" fabric but that too succeeded and now both sisters and their families have a full set. Even Melissa asked for one - and she will get it later this summer,

24 - 1,440 - 86,400

Hours - minutes - seconds in a day. We all have the same no matter who we are or what we do with it.

I become very agitated when I start to feel as if I am losing time- time to do what I need to, time to do what I want to, time to do what there is no choice but to have to...

I was in grade 5. Mr Arfin told us a small story about seeing a boy sitting on a bench in the office - just sitting there quietly and then he started to cry. Mr. Arfin asked him what was wrong and he explained that he was upset because he had just watched the clock for five minutes. Five minutes that were lost and that there was no way to get them back.

I am sure Mr Arfin was just wanting to warn us against wasting time but I feel so extremely agitated and discombobulated when I realize that I have wasted time. That story comes back to me and its moral is stronger than any other teaching that I have ever learned in school.

So I need to keep busy, productive and feel happy. And therein come those lists, the late night project binges and the offers to help everywhere. .....