Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hope and a funky log cabin quilt

A sewing day was worth a vacation day, or is it that a vacation day is worth a sewing day. Hope, BC is a wonderful starting place;  whether you are starting a new life or a new quilt.
I started with these fabrics:

Quite a few of these wonderfully happy fabrics were purchased at a quilt shop in Hope, BC. One of the strips is actually a print from Roisin's whimsical line of textiles - paper air-planes. My stash is built on mini collections of fabrics purchased on special occasions or while travelling. I knew that there would be a great project ahead for them, and tucked them safely in a zip-lock baggie.

Roll forward a few years and DD#2 is telling me a romantic story about her friends. He is a car fanatic and these cars need some TLC to keep running. She is a very, very  patient sweetie - lucky him. Good thing that he realized this. So, after purchasing a car in Vancouver, and planning to drive it home to Ontario, he put a plan in place.

As they drove through Hope, BC he pulled over, the engine was not behaving as it should. He sent her to the trunk to get a wrench, or a screw driver, or whatever; but there was a plan afoot. He proposed to her,. He thought that becoming engaged in Hope would be a wonderful way to start their lives together. Awwwww.

So, when DD#2 shared this romantic story with me, I knew that the stashed fabric from Hope should end up becoming a quilt for their first baby. Now the baby is on her way, and the quilt needed to be made.

The quilt is made of 4 log cabins blocks, with 3" strips. I then cut these in half vertically and horizontally. I played around with the possible variations and decided to put them together like this:

I managed to design, cut, sew, assemble and quilt this over 2 days (forsaking all other activity except sleep) so that I could give it to the happy "Mama to be so that the special new baby has a loving and fun place to play, live, sleep and grow..

I love this happy quilt, and I am happy that these saved stash fabrics made it into a quilt that is based on Hope.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shawl, update Oct. 04, 2011

Here are the first 6" of the shawl and I am loving the colour gradation.
It is knitting up quite easily as it is mainly in garter stich with some increases and decreases.
There are some quilting projects on deck as well. I need to make a baby quilt in the next few weeks, and finish the "purple and red" top.
 After that..., well we will make a "to do" list later.

Other life details: back to work, reading, appreciating the Autumn colours, planning the family Thanksgiving dinner.