Monday, 23 April 2007

Sometimes buying stuff really helps!

This last week I have added a few items that really have helped me work on my projects. It may seem silly but although they were on the "unnecessary but nice to have list" they helped a great weekend be even better.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous in London this past weekend. It has been a very long time since sun, warm weather and weekend all met in the same space and time!! (Vacations do not count) . Finally winter is OVER and spring is arrived.
And what did I do...some yard work even though I promised myself I would just sew all weekend. I could not drag my dirtied fingers away from the garden's weeds and winter debris.
I still wanted to sew and DH wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. He was so right.
Thus, off we were, to pick up a folding (light weight but sturdy) table that I could easily set up on the back porch, out came my FW and my planned project. I was rewarded with a visit from this little friend:

Later that evening as the daylight dimmed, I moved this new wonder table into the living room, plugged in another recent purchase: a portable natural daylight spectrum lamp, and was able to keep on sewing, with my honey not far away and not disturbing him all that much.
Definitely a great weekend retreat at home!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

A few more Post Cards

I have been doing lots of piecing with scraps on the Post Cards so far. Here are some more. I think I will experiment with a variety of textiles and embellishments for the next few.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Bridal Showers and Rites of Passage

Some people avoid them, some love them and for others they are only a social obligation. What really happens under the fluff and umbrella? Some women never have had a shower thrown for them and some have had so many that they have run out of gifts to receive.

It is a rite of passage, women joining together to celebeate one of the milestones on our life journey. Most of us are not even going to the wedding but we are happy to help a sister on her way

It is a sort of paying it forward - we all give, in our turn we will receive and we continue to extend our support. Some of us may never be showered due to life circumstances but when the nuptuals are announced we will say, "don't forget to invite me to the shower".

There are many unwritten rules which have of course changed much over the years, many trends and some superstitions associated with the happy event

Certainly the family and friends shower, at a friend's home surrounded by the mixed generations in our lives , can be such a break from our daily routine. Silly games, fancy sandwiches, a cake, the funny hat decorated with the ribbons and bows all feel comfortable in that space and time. So as silly as they may seem we go and in doing so we say "Good luck" and here is our support to start you on your way and help you along the new road you are following.

I have heard of great traditions that are similar in other cultures. I think the best one is when friends and family give the young bride (and groom) enough of everything they will need for their first year married. That includes food and anything else usable or consumable.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

My QP self

Here I am, complete with grey strands, glasses and (yes really) a mini-BlackBerry in my pocket. Lots of fun was had by these 2 Mini QP Dolls before heading out to her new home.